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Erosion: Cape Cod's Constant Change

Diane Boettcher
6 months agoApril 22, 2021
I enjoyed the video.  Lots that I already knew but nice to see it all in one understandable place!
Tom Cambareri
6 months agoApril 22, 2021
Thanks for the video, BLT!
Nice job!
Mark Robinson
6 months agoApril 22, 2021
very informative! complex process explained in simple, easy to understand terms. exquisite aerial shots!
Fran Schofield
6 months agoApril 22, 2021
Beautifully done and so informative! It's going into the next Cape Cod Climate Change Collaborative's newsletter -
Jon Thyng
6 months agoApril 22, 2021
Nice work!
Carl Persson
6 months agoApril 27, 2021
Very well done.  Thank you!
If the eelgrass meadows that have been lost were restored some sediment erosion control could be regained along with habitat for marine life, nurseries for juvenile fish, food, biodiversity, blue carbon storage, ocean acidification control, oxygen production, and nutrient cycling.
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